4 Reasons why you should Stop


Have you ever felt like you were living your life on a racing track and you dare not stop because if you did things would fall apart. That was how I felt this morning until I was forced to stop abruptly.

My STOP sign came in the form of ear wax and tissue.

What? Let me tell you how that came to be.

It should have been a ‘normal’ morning but it was hijacked by our six year old’s failed experiment. She had decided it was about time she discovered how far things can travel down her ear canal. So stuffing a piece of tissue was her chosen method. And according to her, being a professional nurse does not qualify me to even remotely suggest that I could try to get it out. Sigh!

So, change of plans. I have to fit in a visit to the walk in centre.

Yes I must give a piece of wax covered tissue priority over my other plans for the day. what a joy!

Wait and that’s not all. Over the last week I have most certainly caught a ‘bug’- the ‘writers block.’ I have several unfinished articles on word document peeking at me from the bottom of my screen. I want to tell them to be quiet because I’m sure I can hear them begging me to complete them. I need to find new inspiration and I need it fast.

As I sit down on the couch with my bowl of cereal and laptop on my knee something strikes me. This thought – I have to deal with the wax and tissue in my life.

Yes that’s it.

Sometimes it’s necessary to stop.

To stop chasing, stop running, stop peddling ideas – just stop!

  1. When we stop we can hear more clearly – our heart beat, our father speaking
  2. We can focus,
  3. We can reflect and then welcome new ideas and perspectives.
  4. That whisper from above becomes a clear and identifiable voice.

Dealing with the tissue and wax will cost us  a few hours of our day but it is necessary.

As we learn to embrace our ‘wax and tissue’ days we get more done in the long run. I’m so glad I was able to slow down and as a result had something to write about.

Be inspired!

You are Amazing!

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