A Christmas friendship Story


Do one thing every day that scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt.

This Christmas I did something a little scary and I’m so glad I did. I knocked on the door of an older couple on our street to wish them a Merry Christmas and give a small gift. It was a little scary because although we have lived on the same street for 10 years we hardly know one another.

In my last post, I wrote about Christmas and how it’s not the idealized time of the year for everyone. For some, it’s a lonely time made worse by seeing others full of cheer and surrounded by loved ones. 

I was also blessed to speak at our church meeting on Christmas Eve. I spoke about the gift of friendship which God has given us through Jesus even though we were and still are undeserving of it. Thing is, Christmas shouldn’t be about self-indulgence but about looking outward, reaching out and showing gratitude for what we have. We take from what we have in our lives and share with others and not just those who will pay it back.

So back to my Christmas story. I often see our neighbour walk past our house and sometimes we exchange a few words. I had recently asked about his wife and he shared with me about her and her illness. She has suffered from MS for many years and is housebound. He is her main carer, they have no children or extended family.

He had mentioned that they don’t celebrate Christmas yet every year we receive a Christmas card from them. I was a little worried that he might turn me away with my gift but he was clearly happy and touched by my gesture. I was able to meet and say hi to his wife for the first time although she was not able to answer me.

So why have I decided to blog about this? I want to encourage you to reach out – do that thing that scares. For those who are great at it, I’d like you to know that it means a lot to those you touch.

My only regret is that it’s taken me this long to reach out to my neighbours who are clearly in need of a little friendship.

What’s your Christmas experience?

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