A Father’s Love : Real Meaning Of EASTER   


Do you live a life of encounter with your father? I couldn’t let this day pass without a little reminder of what Good Friday achieved for us. 

Jesus’ sacrifice did not just set you free but calls you to an extraordinary, beautiful, adventurous relationship with your heavenly daddy.

‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ – John 15:13

A fathers love

I watched as Don stopped and bent down to adjust our little girl’s school shirt and tie. Although he was about to leave for work he didn’t appear to be in a hurry.

Our girls’ eyes were fixed on her daddy’s face as she narrated something about what had happened at school the previous day. His eyes moved from the tie to her face as he listened with complete interest.

She on the other hand didn’t seem to have a care about her dad being late for work. She was in the presence of her loving father consumed by his love and attention. 

 It was just a little moment but for me it seemed to be happening in slow motion.  

 I still have that image on my mind and if I could take one photo to portray a father/daughter love, that moment would be the perfect shot.

You are loved and worth Jesus’ sacrifice

Our Heavenly father’s love is many times greater than what a natural father has for his children. Yet our natural fathers help us to have a glimpse into how our heavenly father feels about us.

My dad was taken from us at a young age but one thing that my mum instilled in me was that God was my father and yes I’m glad I took that literally.  Now you understand why watching Don demonstrate a father’s love to our children is so special to me.

God made us for friendship and companionship with Him. When Jesus was offered to become a sacrifice it was a heart wrenching sacrificial decision yet He considered us worth it. To win us back He was prepared to put His very best on the line.

I am overwhelmed by that thought alone.  

So what will you do with this love that has been extravagantly given to you?

My 2018 goal is to pursue God’s presence like I never did before and experience more of my heavenly father love.

I’d like to hear what your experience of a father is. Does it affect how you relate with God?

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