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One of the ways I’m learning to overcome is to own my story and not become it’s victim. Whatever you’re dealing with begin to think how that can be turned around to become a strength.


Have you ever felt like you’re living your life on a racing track and you dare not stop because if you did things would fall apart.

My heart breaks for every one of the families affected. This poem is for them, for Manchester

                                  Watch over your heart with all diligence,                                         For from it flow the springs of life.                   […]

A few weeks ago I bumped into a friend I had not seen for a while. During our conversation, she told me something that got me thinking about how we interact with one another especially on social media. I often share on social media but rarely get to find out how my posts affect those who read or view them. The […]


I am that woman with delicate hands, hands that love to create, to hold, to nature
The one who finds pleasure in simple things, to cuddle, to bake, to smell flowers
One who has the courage to love with every ounce of her heart even when she knows it could be broken

The storm raged, Boom! Scary, Blinding, Tossing A cry… broken, silenced by the chaos Angry Splashing…Clapping, Piercing, Slapping! A ray of light pierces through the white spray… HOPE! ‘Look up! Reach out! Hold on!!’ Hope bellows above the chaos A bare whisper, a voice breaking from the choking, gulping My eyes blinded, my heart battered, my ears dull Light approaches… dazzling, […]

This is the excerpt for your very first post.