Why being Brave is not Optional- A lesson from Gideon.


Imagine you and your city are under siege, the enemy controls your life – your finances, choices, career, dreams. You long for freedom but you are too afraid to revolt.

The oppression goes on for so long that you lose your confidence in your ability and hope of ever being free.

That scenario may sound far-fetched for those of us living in relatively safe parts of the world. However that may well describe the situation many of us find ourselves in – caught up in a cycle of being unfulfilled and unfruitful.

We are aware of God’s promises for us but we don’t seem to break through. We eventually buy into the lie that we are not brave enough or that some things are out of our reach and we settle for the status quo.

Today while pondering on this thought the story of Gideon  came to mind. Gideon and his people had lived under siege of the Medianites for seven years. This was until God reminded Gideon of his identity.

God calls you Brave

When we ask God for help He will sometimes points us back to us – to who we are as His children and heirs of His Kingdom. The key to our breakthrough many times lies within us. When the angel appeared to Gideon he addressed him as mighty warrior despite finding him hiding away from the enemy. Gideon obviously didn’t think of himself as one but God saw a brave warrior.

God calls us brave men and women even when we are shaking in our boots.

Why does God call us Brave?

He calls us brave because His spirit of power dwells within us. It’s not by power nor by might but by His spirit. It is important that we embrace the warrior Spirit in us even when we least feel like it. Only then can we receive the freedom and fullness of God’s blessings.

Do you find yourself in a cycle of fear, struggle or other form of oppression? Is it too difficult to accept the tittle Brave Warrior.

Like us Gideon found it hard to accept that tittle, he had many reasons why he couldn’t possibly be a brave warrior. However, when he finally did he was able to accomplished what had previously seemed impossible. He went on to lead and help deliver his people from the enemy who had oppressed them for years.

The key to our breakthrough many times lies within us.

How long have you been longing for change in your life? It’s time we listened and responded to the father who is calling out to us –  Mighty Warrior!

Did this inspire you to do something about your situation?  Share with us how you’re embracing your warrior spirit.

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