Brokenness Made Beautiful in His Embrace


Brokenness is not beautiful, it’s a state that fills us with pain and shame. It stops us from living our life fully. Yet we live in a world where being flawed or broken is far too common.

No matter how beautiful a set of crockery is when it becomes chipped or broken it loses it’s worth. It’s glory days come to an abrupt end and so does the privilege to entertain the guests. It’s relegated to the back of the cupboard or used for a different less worthy purpose.

This is no different from how the world treats those considered to be broken and as a result, we learn to hide our flaws, our pain, and struggles. We put up a front in the hope that our shame will not be exposed.

God wants us to change our thinking about brokenness He wants us to know that He is not repulsed by us no matter how broken or flawed we may be. On the contrary, He is drawn to us. Paul reminds us of this truth in his writing; for ‘God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. He chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.’

As I write in my new book ‘Kick start your Purposeful Living’  God chooses us in spite of our brokenness. He finds us when we are lost, messed up and rejected, He embraces and build us up again.

His love is strong enough to bring your ruins back to life.

Brokenness Embraced

There is a story in the Bible of a woman who was not only broken but she was also misused and condemned.

This is how I imagined the scene unfolding;

She stands with her head bowed her face obscured by her hair, her once beautiful gown now stained and hangs loosely down a bruised shoulder. Her body is sore from being grabbed and pushed by the angry crowd. But right now that’s the least of her worries. She stands in front of the great teacher –Jesus. She is sure of this He will seal her fate; condemn her to death. 

From the corner of her eye she can see His face, but is unable to make out what’s on his mind, he appears to write something on the dirt. But hold on, she catches a glimpse of his eyes, they look different. There isn’t hate and rage in them like what she saw in the rest of the crowd. She awaits her fate. Then Jesus begins to speak to the crowd. She closes her eyes and waits for the first stone to destroy what is left of her already broken frame.

Instead, the crowd starts to disperse as they let go of the stones they had been clutching. Jesus rises from where He’s been sitting, he takes a step towards her and as He lifts her face she can feel the shame lifting off.  Then He speaks words which change her life forever; ‘Neither do I condemn you’.  She throws herself into his arms as tears begin to flow. He holds her like a father holds His child and comforts her.

This story reveals to us that God sees brokenness in a totally different way from us. Where the world either repels or misuses our brokenness, God chooses to work with us. He sees it as an opportunity for new beginnings for remodeling and restoring us to our original state and purpose.

There is hope for every one of us, no matter where life has to lead us or who we have become. There is no shame or guilt in His arms. His love is strong enough to bring our ruins back to life.

What is your experience with being broken? I’d love to hear your thoughts or testimony.

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