Easter-What God did to Restore Family


I am inspired to write this post during our family holiday although I’ve pondered over its contents for a while.

As we spend time together relaxing, building memories and reconnecting I feel thankful and blessed to have family. I’m also reminded that family doesn’t just happen, building a thriving family involves a great labour of love and sacrifice.

I write to encourage you that your family is worth fighting for, worth every effort and sacrifices. I’m also writing for those who may need a little help getting back on track.

You see God has already shown us that we are worth His best sacrifice; Easter is what God did to get his family back.

Heaven’s Sacrifice

I’d like to think that I made a small sacrifice yesterday although at the time it felt like I had just moved a mountain.

It was the third day of our holiday and we were all having a ‘lazy’ morning indoors. The sun seemed to have deserted us and a little drizzle appeared determined to dampen the day. The shower needed fixing which gave us an excuse to lounge in our pyjamas until late morning.

I was all snuggled up as the warmth of the gas fire sedated me to a point where I could hardly move my muscles. Right then the kids enthusiastically remind me that I had promised to take them swimming.

I really didn’t want to step out of the door let alone get into the pool. Finally, after a little nagging, I decided to make the ‘sacrifice’ although it went against what my body felt.

The story of Easter tells of the greatest love of all. Love that sacrificed all for family.  What was at stake was much greater; for we were like people held hostage with no hope and separated from our heavenly father. Jesus paid the ransom with his life. This he did in order to have us restored to a father-child relationship with our heavenly father. Jesus’ sacrifice means we have the privilege of being part of God’s family.

What does family mean to you?

I asked my daughter this question and her answer was quite interesting as you would expect to come from a six-year-old. With a warm smile, she said that family to her means someone to cuddle with and to take her shopping.

Your experience of family may not sound anything like what my daughter describes. For some, the word family brings about feelings of pain and shame.

God’s intention is for each of us is to have a positive family experience.

God’s longs for our families to reflect His heart

The Bible describes God as a compassionate father who sets the lonely in families. His compassion for us is compared to that of a mother nursing her child. He assures us that in the same way, he would not abandon us. He promises to be a father to the orphans and a defender of widows.

Having lost my dad at an early age my mum always said to us that God was our father. I, therefore, learned to speak and depend on God from an early age. However, one thing always puzzled my young mind, how was God going to walk me down the aisle when I got married since of course, He is invisible?

I now know that God brings various people into our lives who become family to us and that way he provides for our needs and theirs too.

Easter is what God did to get his family back.

Jesus sacrifice is the Key to our freedom and transformation

As a wife and mother I’m far from perfect I like to think of myself as ‘work in progress’. God’s love has the amazing power to set us free from things that hold us back from becoming the best versions of ourselves. We do this by acknowledging that Jesus suffered and died for us and that through his sacrifice we receive forgiveness and reconciliation to our heavenly father.

It may be that we need freeing from a destructive cycle in your life that is ruining the family. We may need to forgive more, criticize less, let go of bitterness, show more kindness and spend more time with our family.

Whatever we need for building God-like families has already been availed to us. But many times we try to change or to build a great family on our own and instead we find things falling apart. Psalms 127:1 reminds us that ‘unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain’.

For us to build loving and thriving families we need God’s help. So we can choose to let Him be the centre of our lives and our family and benefit from the transformation His presence brings.

When we do this we will build families that reflect God’s heart and plan which ultimately bring Him praise. For us to do this we need to let the Easter story affect our lives every day not just once a year at Easter.

Happy Easter!!

Check out the following reference verses;

Ephesians 5: 21- 31 and 6: 1-4 Psalms 68: 5, 6 Isaiah 49: 15 John 13: 34, 35 Isaiah 53