Fight for your Dream in 2019

Our dreams are valid, they are an inherent part of who we are. They remind us that we are not just busybodies, but people sent here on a mission to do something significant and leave our mark on this earth.

1. Do our dreams matter?


Most people live whether intellectually, morally or physically in a restricted circle of their potential. – Michael Neil, Author, Inside out Revolution

As little children, we loved speaking about our dreams and aspirations, before us was a world full of possibilities. After our little girl watched the film musical ‘The greatest showman’ she was blown away and it birthed in her a new vivid dream. She was inspired by Zendeya and Hugh Jackman to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and an actress. She sees no obstacle and has started taking steps to see her dream come true. She practices singing on her piano and is keen on acting and drama classes.

What it is then that stops us from pursuing our dreams?

As an adult, I sometimes feel embarrassed to speak about my dreams. It simply sounds ridiculous to speak of things that seem so out of reach. It would seem that dreams are not for grown ups.

I don’t believe I’m alone in this. That’s why I wrote this blog. So stick with me on this journey to discover and defeat your dream stopper. Allowing your dream to die is like snuffing out the light in your soul.

2. Get good at doing your thing in private 

I love stories and especially those in the Bible. The story of David and Goliath is a great one to learn from. It’s about an unlikely shepherd boy who spectacularly fought and defeated a giant using a sling and stone. The writer is keen to point out that David didn’t just turn up and swing his sling at the giant. He had fought and won other battles in private – away from the applause and victory parades.

In order to change the world, change must begin with us. Investing in our personal growth prepares us for what our dream will require of us. You can receive a guide on personal development here.

David had practiced his slingshot to perfection away from prying eyes. Its’ not surprising that many thought he was a joke when he confidently stepped up and offered to fight the giant. What they didn’t know was that he had struck the lion and bear while alone in the fields, and that when he did the stage was set for him to encounter and slay a giant.

3. Identify your Giant?


Doubt kills more dreams than failure does – Tony Robbins

As I was thinking about this story I saw that Goliath wasn’t David’s greatest obstacle. The giant that stood in his way was doubt.

Doubt keeps us from our dreams before we even dare to dream them.

David’s’ brothers and the rest of the soldiers thought he was just trying to show off when he offered to fight Goliath. I can imagine their remark – Who does this foolish shepherd boy think he is and what could he possibly pull off? In other words, the real world has no place for dreamers.

I’ve always haboured a dream for writing. I even had several pieces of unfinished stories tucked away in my computer files and notebooks. It’s something I have done almost unconsciously maybe because my mind dared not give my heart a chance to run away with the idea. Starting a blog was my way of stepping out. I decided I was not going to hide in the shadows anymore.

Like me, you may have a ‘secret dream’, something you have always wanted to do, a change in your life you wish you could make or you just know that you have settled for far less than what you were created for. In his book ‘Maximizing your Potential’ the late Myles Monroe wrote these profound words:

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped. A greater tragedy is to watch potential live unreleased’.

Like David, you may have perfected your slingshot in private but haven’t had the courage to step out. What I have come to learn from my quest is that even the best writers and artist started by stepping out and practicing their art. Like a rough gem, the dream within us will remain unpolished if we remain in the shadows.

By stepping out we allow our art to be transformed and brought to its’ full potential. Like David, you may be unpolished but you’re not unqualified. David didn’t have it all together before he stepped out: The soldiers’ amour was ill-fitting and how silly he must have looked to approach the giant with a shepherd’s stick instead of a sword.

 Like a rough gem the dream within us will remain unpolished if we remain in the shadows.

Most motivational writers and speakers encourage their audience to overcome doubt. We are concerned about whether we can be as good as the next person or if people will believe in us.

I’m not sure what David’s dream was. Maybe it was to face off and defeat a giant one day or perhaps it was a grander dream–to become King. Whatever his ultimate dream was he had strategically set himself up for success. 

Fighting for your dream will start with your own personal growth, improve yourself so you have something to offer the world. 

Are you ready to step out?

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