Memories and the Yellow Rose

I awaken to a stranger’s voice
I try to find my love, my friend
But he is gone his voice is gone with him

Help me find my dearest..

You see, our hearts locked
A promise we made, in a building with beautiful stained glass

We promised never to part, he said he would stay
I hurried back to the building, past a sea of faces,
Smiling, Cheering

I hasten down to the park, the bench where we sat
And smelled flowers
I bring him a cup of tea in the garden
But it’s the smiling stranger I find

Where is my love, why is he gone from me?
An unkind joke? A dream?
Will I awake from this?

Then, the stranger speaks

Here my love let me help brush your hair,
Perfect! Just the way you like it
Let’s sit, here is a warm cup of tea, you feel cold
You see, in your eyes I see our story
The building with glass stained windows,
Your beautiful face, smiling
Your graceful frame draped in white lace, my bride

Yes our hearts locked and a promise I made
Stay I will till the end
A yellow rose I find, you love yellow
At the bench we sit and inhale the fragrance

I hear your voice calling my name,
A warm cup in hand – for me
A stranger … oh no, just a little trick of the mind
You see, here is our secret
In our eyes is our story
Sit with me my love,
Our Hearts in silence as we walk our path