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What People are saying about the book

Katherine Blessan, the author of Lydia’s Song (Instant Apostle, 2014)

Winnie Andango has written a deceptively simple yet powerful study on purposeful living, which can be used by individuals or by small groups. It contains little nuggets of wisdom on a life surrendered to God’s purposes.
The six chapters cover personal and corporate purpose, intimacy with God, vulnerability, brokenness and boldness for Christ. The analogies that Andango uses are both insightful and precise and I was stirred by her depiction of the woman caught in adultery who expects to receive judgement but instead receives forgiveness. 


Dr Betty Ombaka

I must say that I have been immensely blessed by reading your book. Despite being a mature Christian, it has spoken to me and removed me from my slumber of thinking that there are enough pastors and evangelists to do the work of God. Your book is very inspirational. You have come down to the readers level and this makes it easy for someone to identify with the author and the book. The book is also engaging and I like the questions at the end of every chapter. It is indeed great for spiritual growth and I like the way you’ve used the examples…

I want to say that your book is of very high quality. Being a PhD holder, my work is to research and publish. I must say that you have taken your time to bring out a master piece and I believe it will be a blessing to others. 
Well done Winnie. You have inspired me to write.

Amy Perkins Leader at King’s Church – Longsight 

While reading this book, I felt so inspired and excited that I knew it would be the perfect tool for my Church to use in their walk with God. We now have ran two small study groups using this book, and have plans to run it again with another group, as it has proved to be so inspiring and encouraging. Winnie’s insight into life, and her stories are so engaging, she really helps the reader to see life from the perspective of being a child of God, and all that that entails. The discussions this book sparks really help people to process their life purpose, and encourages and inspires them to keep their eyes focused on Jesus and to remember their eternal purpose.  A great short, but very thought provoking, and potentially life changing book.



Odette Clayton –  Family life UK North West Coordinator

I found the thought provoking, reflective questions very useful… I loved the chapter 2 marriage analogy. Could I suggest doing a book club – I would love to journey with others through this book. 

Anna Stretton Leader King’s Church Longsight

This book, Kick Start Your Purposeful Living is an excellent resource for individuals and churches. Each chapter contains insight and material for both mature christians and those new to faith in Jesus. Winnie’s personal stories are powerful, honest and easy to relate to. Each chapter provides challenging questions and can be used to provoke healthy group discussion. The style is gentle, yet direct. And I can imagine the chapters will help people learn more about their purpose and each other in the process. Winnie Andango is an excellent writer and a gift to the church. 

Loraine Mckoy

An excellent start to a writing career thoroughly enjoyed the book.  I wished it did not end so quickly.

  1. I enjoyed the questions at the end of the questions at the end of the Chapters which allowed time for studying the word, reflecting on their journey and a time for rest and meditation.
  2. The “God Promise” provided an opportunity for the reader to dedicate themselves to God’s plans and purpose for their life.
  3. Each chapter dealt with topics which are showed the importance of keeping our focus on the Father and prioritising him as the centre of our lives.
  4. The book emphasis’s the importance of prayer and consistency of remaining prayerful.
  5. It allows for the individual to engage their vulnerability and brokenness in the presence of God whilst asking for strength, restoration and renewal.

However, my favourite section of the book Chapter 5 “A Life of Serving Others” this chapter was handled sensitively. It was short and not much more was required to be said, the reader could decide whether how to expand on the importance of this to their journey.

Bravo for finding the time to accomplish this brilliant piece of work.


This book was very insightful and particularly tailor made with personal experience so one could relate…. You can’t know everything even as a mature … there is still more out there for even the most experienced person to learn. 

I would certainly recommend this book.  

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