God is After Your Heart: Series #1:2


In God’s presence is where we will find our peace, joy, freedom, pleasure, strength and simply everything else we need in life.

In this series we are exploring an exciting and life changing topic – Pursuit of God’s Presence and what that means for us. 

We started off by looking at the story of Jacob in Genesis 32 about how he sought and wrestled with God for a blessing. (You can catch up here)

Many times we seek God not because we are after His heart but because we are desperate for His help or a blessing. There is nothing wrong with asking for stuff  yet something more powerful happens when we seek God’s heart simply because we love Him. 

By encountering His presence our lives are touched and changed forever. Like Jacob we receive a new name and a new walk.

God is after your heart

Pursuit of His presence

God is after your Heart

In the past this story didn’t make sense to me, I was plagued by questions such as;

Why wasn’t Jacob’s prayer answered immediately?

Why did it have to result in a wrestling match?

But as I’ve read and meditated on this story I see that the main reason God wants us to fiercely pursue His presence is because He is after our hearts. He is after a deep and intimate friendship with us. 

You can read more on intimacy with God in my book Purposeful Living.

Seek me with all your heart and you will find me.’

It’s important to God that our hearts are genuinely involved in our pursuit of Him. He wants to connect with us at the heart level, the core of our being. It is there that His transforming work happens and where we’re filled with His life and passion.

Our friendship with God is Precious

A few years ago a family friend whom we loved and trusted for many years walked out of our lives. It came as a shock because all along we believed we had a genuine friendship. It hurt very much to know that we really didn’t know this person’s heart.

If you have gone through a similar thing you will understand the feeling of betrayal and  heartbreak. 

The one precious thing that was lost by the fall of man and woman at the garden of Eden was our friendship with God. Before that God would hang out with Adam and Eve like with friends. He would often drop by and take a walk with them. Can you imagine how amazing it must have been.

By encountering His presence our lives are touched and changed forever

Our friendship with God is what Jesus came to give back to us. However it is possible that after becoming Christians we can remain distant from God either because we choose to continue to live independently of Him or because we don’t seek and acknowledge His presence. 

He is our Price

Seeking, drawing near and living in God’s presence is what God had in mind for us from the beginning. 

The wrestling match can be easily be misunderstood as stinginess. We may wrongly conclude that to receive God’s transforming presence and blessing we have to struggle. 

The truth is God wants us to pursue His presence and to seek Him with all our heart. To completely abandon other desires in order to attain that great price – a deep and genuine friendship with Him. As we do our chains come lose and our hearts are filled to overflowing.

Read and meditate; 

Pursuit of His Presence (1). series 2

Genesis 32: 22 – 32 – Jacobs story. I promise you will enjoy reading this story.

James 4:8 ‘Come near to God and He will come near to you’

I’d love to hear what pursuing God means to you?

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