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“I’ve come to see that part of my calling here is simply to be a person of hope.” Our car bounced down a dirt road in a small Middle Eastern town, seven of us packed into a five-seat sedan. A dim moonlight lit the blues and oranges of ramshackle gates guarding small properties. The town… via Begin to Hope Again — […]

Brokenness is not beautiful, it’s a state that fills us with pain and shame. Yet we live in a world where being flawed or broken is far too common. Where the world repels and misuses our brokenness, God chooses to work with us. He sees it as an opportunity for new beginnings for remodeling and restoring us to our original state and purpose. 

A few years ago a near miss on the motorway while driving at 70 miles/hr got me to seriously consider my life.  I was confronted by the reality of my mortality, a reality we often choose to ignore. I remember thinking about the things I had always wanted to do but hadn’t got round to doing. I thought about purpose; Had […]

Are the kind of person who will easily throw caution to the wind and attempt something or one who waits for everything to be just right before you dip your toes? Life is about discovery and without our curiosity and the courage to attempt we will not discover our abilities or learn useful lessons. Embrace the Adventure. I remember when […]

Imagine your city is under siege, the enemy controls your lives – your finances, choices, career, dreams. You long for freedom but you are too afraid to revolt. The oppression goes on for so long that you lose your confidence in your ability and hope of ever being free. That scenario may sound far-fetched for those of us living in […]

What I have come to learn from my quest is that even the best writes and artist started by stepping out and practicing their art.

I am inspired to write this post during our family holiday although I’ve chewed over its contents for a while. As we spend time together relaxing, building memories and reconnecting I feel thankful and blessed to have family. I’m also reminded that family doesn’t just happen creating a thriving family involves a great labour of love and sacrifice. I write […]

Do you know how it feels to be shackled? Being unable to do something you really want to do all because you’re afraid? Afraid that you will be afraid? The last time I faced my fear of heights was when we attended a concert in Manchester we had been allocated top circle seats. As soon as I got up there […]

Lydia’s Song takes you on a journey to Cambodia where the people, culture and the life of adventure seeking expats capture your imagination. And just when you’re about to get comfortable with the slow pace of life and developing romance, evil strikes. Song a young girl is kidnapped and ends up as a victim of sex trafficking. When I (on behalf […]

Disappointment hits hard like an unexpected punch in the stomach leaving you breathless. After the initial shock the pain sets in and you vow to never let yourself be caught off guard again. And the only way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to throw in the towel.  Right? I had spent several days writing a draft of the […]