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Do you live a life of encounter with your father? I couldn’t let this day pass without a little reminder of what Good Friday achieved for us.  Jesus’ sacrifice did not just set you free but calls you to an extraordinary, beautiful, adventurous relationship with your heavenly daddy. ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life […]

What’s your thing and why do you do it? Would you keep doing something if you knew there was nothing in it for you. Would you keep writing, playing music, making art or whatever else you may love doing? I’m challenged to rethink why I do what I do, especially writing. Making sense of it all I’m currently writing about […]

  She stumbles to a stop, her head is bowed and her face obscured by her long messy hair.  Her once alluring gown is now torn and hangs loosely to reveal bruised shoulders. Her body is sore from being grabbed and pushed by the angry crowd. But right now it’s the least of her worries.  She knows she shouldn’t be standing accused alone […]

(Part 3 of Pursuit of His Presence) Tough or dark seasons can be defining moments that launch us to our destiny. They provide opportunity to dig deep and find our treasure. You may have been so hard pressed by life issues that you’re unable to take another step. In your desperate search for solace for your weary heart you come close […]

In God’s presence is where we will find our peace, joy, freedom, pleasure, strength and simply everything else we need in life. In this series we are exploring an exciting and life changing topic – Pursuit of God’s Presence and what that means for us.  We started off by looking at the story of Jacob in Genesis 32 about how […]

Pursuit of His Presence: Series Part 1 There comes a time when you know something has to change in your life. You may have made a New Year resolution vowing to turn over a new leaf.   Maybe 2018 is the year you plan to become a better husband/wife, break that bad cycle, cast off  fear and inaction or simply take your […]

Do one thing everyday that scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt. This Christmas I did something a little scary and I’m so glad I did. I knocked on the door of an older couple on our street to wish them a merry Christmas and give a small gift. It was a little scary because although we have lived on the same street […]

Sometimes life stresses don’t result from the difficulties we face  but  how we handle our expectations. We try to fit our lives into the ideal lifestyle presented to us and when things don’t match up we stress out. I haven’t spent Christmas with our extended family in years because most of them live over 4,000 miles away. For a while […]

“I’ve come to see that part of my calling here is simply to be a person of hope.” Our car bounced down a dirt road in a small Middle Eastern town, seven of us packed into a five-seat sedan. A dim moonlight lit the blues and oranges of ramshackle gates guarding small properties. The town… via Begin to Hope Again — […]

Brokenness is not beautiful, it’s a state that fills us with pain and shame. Yet we live in a world where being flawed or broken is far too common. Where the world repels and misuses our brokenness, God chooses to work with us. He sees it as an opportunity for new beginnings for remodeling and restoring us to our original state and purpose.