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  Our dreams are valid, they are an inherent part of who we are. They remind us that we are not just busybodies, but people sent here on a mission to do something significant and leave our mark on this earth. I am reposting this article under a new title as I believe it to be life transforming for anyone […]

 Buy Now  How the book idea came about The Journey A few years ago, a near miss on the motorway while driving at 70 miles/hr, got me seriously thinking about my life. It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I got into the car to drive back to Manchester from Huddersfield. As I put the key in the ignition, I […]

Whatever your family looks like there is always going to be some hard work needed to keep the family wheel moving. Life happens, children grow up and we face different life challenges that test our family relationships. Like me, you may enjoy seeing other people’s family photos, and don’t they always seem perfect? But it’s helpful to remember that there […]

Do you find yourself shying away from sharing your faith? Imagine you had discovered an island full of treasure and you knew that your discovery would totally change your life. Would you keep it a secret or let your family and friends know about it?  Our faith and hope in Jesus is the greatest treasure we could ever discover and […]

Today the 4th of August would have been our daughter Neema Hope’s 9th birthday. As a Mum who likes to bake for our kids’ birthdays, I can’t help but wonder whether she would have liked a chocolate or vanilla sponge cake, and what her favourite icing would have been. Such thoughts still bring tears to my eyes, but I always […]

Earlier in 2017 I wrote a blog titled  Overcome your Dream stopping Giant. If you have experienced opposition while pursuing your dream or are about to venture out, then this blog is for you. My journey since starting this blog and writing my latest book  – Kick start your purposeful Living has no doubt included a few discouraging moments.  Opposition will […]

Do you live a life of encounter with your father? I couldn’t let this day pass without a little reminder of what Good Friday achieved for us.  Jesus’ sacrifice did not just set you free but calls you to an extraordinary, beautiful, adventurous relationship with your heavenly daddy. ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life […]

What’s your thing and why do you do it? Would you keep doing something if you knew there was nothing in it for you. Would you keep writing, playing music, making art or whatever else you may love doing? I’m challenged to rethink why I do what I do, especially writing. Making sense of it all I’m currently writing about […]

Excerpt from my book ‘Kick Start your Purposeful Living‘ She stumbles to a stop, her head is bowed and her face obscured by her long messy hair.  Her once alluring gown is now torn and hangs loosely to reveal bruised shoulders. Her body is sore from being grabbed and pushed by the angry crowd. But right now it’s the least of her worries.  […]

(Part 3 of Pursuit of His Presence) Tough or dark seasons can be defining moments that launch us to our destiny. They provide opportunity to dig deep and find our treasure. You may have been so hard pressed by life issues that you’re unable to take another step. In your desperate search for solace for your weary heart you come close […]