How we can discover our treasure during dark seasons of life

Treasure in dark times(Part 3 of Pursuit of His Presence)

Tough or dark seasons can be defining moments that launch us to our destiny. They provide opportunity to dig deep and find our treasure.

You may have been so hard pressed by life issues that you’re unable to take another step. In your desperate search for solace for your weary heart you come close to despair. Then a stumble and you find yourself in the arms of your heavenly Father.

Yes, trust me there comes a time when our pursuit of God will result from trouble in our life.

Troubled times can become opportunities

Imagine this; you are about to face your worst fear. A confrontation with your estranged brother is imminent. You’re afraid he will exact his revenge on you for cheating him out of his inheritance. You’ve heard that he is far more powerful than you.

It looks bad- you could potentially lose your family and all you own in one day. You do what you do best – you try to charm your way with gifts. You also ask for God’s help but you’re still not satisfied that it’s enough.

So in a last desperate bid you find an isolated place and determine to pray and cling until you receive an answer assuring you of your family’s future.

Tough or dark seasons can be defining moments that launch us to our destiny.

My family and I found ourselves in a similar place some 8 years ago. We needed to be assured that our baby girl would be alright. We sought God desperately for answers, His reassurance and help.

Our prayers were not answered as we had hoped but while I desperately clung onto God during that difficult season I encountered His presence in the most profound way. To say that my life was deeply touched would be an understatement – I write in more detail about it in an up coming book ‘Neema’s story.’

Raised Not Buried 

In another story a woman accused of adultery is forced to stand before Jesus. Her accusers who conveniently forgot to bring her male accomplice were looking to have her killed for her sin.

Fortunately for her, they had unknowingly led her to a greatest treasure – Jesus.

Our God is infinite He is our great treasure and He invites us to go on an adventure to discovering Him through every season of our life.

Finding your treasure

The accused woman discovered a great treasure -God’s unfailing love. Love that is powerful enough to breaks chains and bring freedom, turn our shame into beauty, give us joy instead of sadness and  lift us from despair.

When she expected to be buried under a pile of stones she was lifted up, dusted down and sent on a new brighter path. I can imagine that this one encounter with Jesus was all she needed for her life to be completely turned around.

How good to know that God waits to receives us regardless of the prevailing circumstances in our life. And because He is the master artist He knows exactly what the final picture of our life looks like and what we need to create it.

If you have stumbled upon God because of life’s pressures,  I can confidently assure you that if you seek to know His presence you won’t leave empty handed. Jacob had his identity and walk completely changed and so will you.

Have you experienced God in this way and how has your life been changed?

This post is part 3 of the of Pursuit of His presence series; you can catch up here for part 1 and part 2)

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