Purpose: Why You Shouldn’t ignore your Calling


A few years ago a near miss on the motorway while driving at 70 miles/hr got me to seriously consider my life.  I was confronted by the reality of my mortality, a reality we often choose to ignore. I remember thinking about the things I had always wanted to do but hadn’t got round to doing.

I thought about purpose;

Had I fulfilled my life’s purpose?

Had I exhausted my potential?

This experience set me off on a journey of discovery to try to answer these questions. Although my journey is not complete I will share with you what I have learned so far.

We were created purposefully and great potential lies within us

Have you ever wondered what God had in mind for you when he gave you your personality, your voice or even your laugh? Do you know that you were created with your life’s work in mind?

God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us new people so that we would spend our lives doing the good things he had already planned for us to do. Eph 2:10

We all have a calling/a dream placed within us which points us to our life’s work. For most of us it’s not a question of knowing our calling it’s whether we believe in our ability.

Often times we are our own ‘dream stoppers‘ we allow procrastination and doubt to stop us from achieving our full potential.

Two Keys to Discovering Our Calling 

1. Our Experience Matters

Every situation we face has the potential to bring good out of us. I have found that some uncomfortable experiences in my life have enabled me to become bold in pursuing my calling. When I stopped seeing myself as a victim of my circumstances I started to appreciate the strength I had received through the process.

I find the story of Moses inspiring. He was a fugitive who found his calling at an unlikely time and place; in the desert while looking after sheep. Armed with a shepherd’s stick and passion in his heart he heeded the call to serve his purpose. He discovered his calling during a difficult season in his life.

2. Your passion will point you to your purpose

Years ago I worked alongside someone who embodied the word passion. ‘John’ worked at a private hospital in Nairobi, his job was to clean floors, serve patients meals and so on. His passion for serving people was so evident. His infectious smile and humour could have easily cured the patients. Thank you letters and cards from patients described his amazing personality and passion for his job. Eventually, the employer noticed and promoted him to become one of the Hospital receptionists.

Isn’t it sad how we often set aside our passion and pursue careers that often leave us dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Your passion will not only point you to your calling but it will also be your driving force.

Don’t wait until you’re ready

Many times we don’t feel ready to step out and do what we believe. We tell ourselves that the time is not right. I was not ready to step out and start writing in public. Starting this blog has come as a result of my journey to discover and fully live a purposeful life. Now I meet people and they tell me how much my writing is touching their lives – this wouldn’t have happened if I chose to remain in the shadows.

I am finally grasping an important truth; that authenticity and passion are what sets apart those who fulfill their purpose and those who don’t.

A masterpiece takes time, be patient and keep working.

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