Why we must pour our heart in what we do

Why we must pour our heart in what we do

What’s your thing and why do you do it?

Would you keep doing something if you knew there was nothing in it for you. Would you keep writing, playing music, making art or whatever else you may love doing? I’m challenged to rethink why I do what I do, especially writing.

Making sense of it all

I’m currently writing about a difficult time in our family. I have had many starts and stops I guess because I’m afraid of facing the painful memories. I also often wonder whether there is any point telling our story.
But I’m reminded of a time when things were difficult for me and a book I had randomly found through google search became the light in my desperately dark hour.
 So although it may be painful to relive some of the memories I want to allow myself to be driven by love. 

So here’s why I will keep writing

 I write because there is so much to tell of Him that I cannot but write.
When I write my mind travels, I escape to a blissful place where I can blot out my cares with my ink. 
Yes and this too – you may need hear what my heart has to say that yours may come alive.  I write because my experience beckons me to, for when the floods nearly swept me over a hand held me and now I must tell you of it.
I write because when I do my heart sings, it sings His song that speaks of His love for you and me. For love often leads me to walk the forsaken path and there my soul must drink so there is more to pour out.
My longing is for His song of love to touch you, that your soul too will sing and that your feet will dare to wonder a little further. A little closer to see His Beautiful face.

I’d love to hear your story, why you do what you do.

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