Woman Understated by Herself – Poem

pexels-photo (2)I am that Woman

I am that woman with delicate hands, hands that love to create, to hold, to nurture

The one who finds pleasure in simple things, to cuddle, to bake, to smell flowers

One who has the courage to love with every ounce of her heart even when she knows it could be broken

The one who finds that her dreams of a big house in the country, a perfect family, a cat, a dog and perhaps a horse unable to contain her.

I am that woman who may have weathered many a life’s storms yet her face would never give it away
The one whose strength bubbles underneath but when called upon worries that it is not enough
The one who keeps the household running with precision the one who feels guilty when she makes time for herself

I am that woman who is the glue that holds everyone together but would never take credit for it, the one who apologises for having an opinion even when it’s the most valid.

Whose tears often escape from a heart overflowing with compassion
The one who gets it wrong sometimes and is not afraid to say so, the one who will try again

I am that woman, who finds herself obscured behind a veil of being a ‘woman’
The one who must not let her current reality stop her from reaching forward
The one who mustn’t reject her strengths but must embrace all that she is
I am the woman who knows she cannot leave that onus to another

That she must emerge from behind the veil that her strength like her beauty may shine unashamedly

I am the woman whose dreams and strengths must count, who must hold a sister’s hand because together we can.



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