You were made to soar like an Eagle

Many of us are dissatisfied and unfulfilled with our lives. We know we are not where we should be, that our potential – gifts and talents lie dormant. We are eager to start soaring but are unsure how to get started.

For a moment I’d like you to think about the life of a mother eagle and her babies. Although eagles are born/hatched with the potential to fly and soar to incredible heights, they must train for their life of flying. The little eaglets spend time observing older eagles, and then they practice by spreading and flapping their wings before eagerly hoping from branch to branch until they are confident to take their first flight.

The mother eagle watches patiently from a nearby tree, willing them to be brave enough and take the jump. She knows that the eaglets must master the art of flying for them to survive in the brutal world of prey and predator. Only then can they become the powerful birds they were meant to be.
How can we become super strong like eagles with the ability to soar high into the sky?

I love to read and listen to people who are already ahead of me on the journey. I spend hours poring through blogs, books and videos of people who inspire me. As I’ve done this over the years I don’t just feel inspired but I’m able to get out and practice.

In the next few blog posts I’ll be sharing what I’m learning with you.

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