Your Dreams Matter – How to Overcome Opposition

Diamond not murk

Earlier in 2017 I wrote a blog titled  Overcome your Dream stopping Giant. If you have experienced opposition while pursuing your dream or are about to venture out, then this blog is for you. My journey since starting this blog and writing my latest book  – Kick start your purposeful Living has no doubt included a few discouraging moments. 

Opposition will come from an unlikely place

Whenever we get ready to do something out of the ordinary there will be opposition. Sometimes that opposition comes from those close to us and that can discourage and easily cause us to abandon our dreams. People will sometimes judge and treat you with the limited knowledge of you. Those close to you will think they know you too well to expect anything special from you. And if you pay too much attention to their opinion, their limited expectations will become your standard – and that will stop your dream in its tracks.

In the blog I wrote about David’s victory over Goliath, I noted that David’s opposition did not come from self-doubt but from his family – his brothers. They thought they knew him too well; they thought his brave offer to fight the giant was simply ridiculous. And they must have felt justified in their attempts to stop Him. It is likely that they did this to  protect him from being hurt or killed. Or maybe they were afraid of what their little brother was actually able to achieve.

Trust what God has placed in you

David’s brothers may not have been aware of the battles he had fought and won away from the limelight. They weren’t aware either that God had His hand on his soon to be anointed king – David.

The reason David succeeded was because he kept his focus. He must have remembered the lessons of bravery he had learnt from fighting the bear and the lion. He also knew that he wasn’t relying on his human ability but on the supernatural power of his God.

When you face opposition, stay focused and trust the inner voice that urged you to step out in the first place. In due time God will bring the right people who will see the potential and the gifts within you. They will grasp your vision, walk with you and become instrumental in seeing your dream come true. 

As I process this reality, I also challenge myself to be a true friend one who sees the diamond and not the murk.

Despite opposition I have been blessed to have had friends and strangers (who are now friends) who have come along and made my dream possible. We all need friends who believe in us even when we doubt ourselves, friends who see the diamond in the midst of the murk.

Go on, you can do it!

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Ref 1 Samuel 17: 1-51

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